About this Project

The seed for this story was planted when Keith White, Physician Lead for Shared Care’s Polypharmacy Risk Reduction Initiative, and Gina Gaspard, Clinical Nurse Specialist for the First Nations Health Authority, saw a health related First Nations story, and thought it might be a good idea to create one related to Polypharmacy. 


From there, Gina connected with Danielle Wilson, Aboriginal Lead for Interior Health, who reached out to Secewpemc Elder, Jean William, inviting her and her friends to talk about medication use in their community. What followed was a gathering in Williams Lake where everyone came together for easy conversations, lunch, and visits by some of the Elder’s  grandchildren. Danielle took a first shot at writing the story, and with the guidance of the Elders, illustrations by Georgia Lesley, design and production by Drawing Wisdom, the ‘Coyote’s Food Medicines’ story, as you see it today, was created.

About Us 

This project is a collaboration between the Shared Care Committee (a partnership of Doctors of BC and the BC government) and the First Nations Health Authority.


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